A crowdfunding to finance “the bottle that breathes”

The idea is of Amos Benacchio, sommelier and entrepreneur who lives in Valencia, Spain. During a trip to Italy, Amos had an innovative idea that could revolutionize the world of wine. His project is on the net on platform The project is about to take a year, but we at the staff are always looking […]


How Italians drink: the numbers from Cortilia online market

A survey of  Cortilia online market, which connects consumers and farmers, reveals the relationship between Italians and wine. One in two Italians usually drink it, even if not every day. One in three uncorks a bottle once in a while, while only one in five follows the supply chain. Luckily, the focus is always on […]


What’s really happening in Valpolicella Vineyards

The intense rains that are falling during these hours in Valpolicella brought the Negrar area to a dramatic situation, with flooding and flooding. Damages also to the vineyards, especially those of Recioto grapes and those destined for the production of Amarone (Corvina, Rondinone and Rondinella). And while citizens deal with everything that has been soaked […]

Beppe Rinaldi

Beppe Rinaldi, purist of Barolo, dies at 70

In the continuous and constant process of updating of a passionate of the wine world, it sometimes happens that you find a news that goes around the social networks, shared with composure by all those who have more experience than you, and that maybe they have had the opportunity to also visit distant cellars, maybe […]


What does the resignation of Bruno Paillard means

A brief reflection on the wine case of the week, the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Commission Protection de l’Appellation of Champagne. Because Europe needs more integration, especially in the food sector The news of the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Protection Commission of the Champagne “Appellation” was the […]


Another success for Campania Wine!

The prestigious Forbes magazine promotes the Aglianico Campano, assigning a prominent place, among the great Italian wines, to the Taurasi. Here are the 10 labels chosen by the magazine, considered the best ever Campania continues to grind important successes in the wine sector and to recover positions in the general classification of the regions with […]


The 11th International Wine Culture Forum at LUISS University

The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The venue of the event is the Free International University and Social Studies Guido Carli (LUISS). Whose president, Emma Marcegaglia, says something … The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The event hosted the event was the Free International University and Social […]


The tuning at 440hz and the one at 432hz, between studies and conspiracy

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to standardize the tuning of musical instruments. An Italian law of 1989 establishes, for example, that ” the reference sound for the basic intonation of musical instruments is the note LA³, whose height must correspond to the frequency of 440 Hertz (Hz), measured at room temperature of […]


Chapitalization: when European Rules are not harmonized

The question of adding sugars to wine is the last, big issue on which European standards are not harmonized. Countries like France, Germany, Austria and Hungary allow it. Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, on the other hand, strictly forbid it. Someone, however, has just asked the government to intervene. The birth of the Conte government […]


From the Comino Valley to Downtown Naples

Cantine Barbato, the company from Frosinone, presents its first vintage at the “BIANCOMANGIARE” restaurant in the name of the Neapolitan tradition. It will be on May 23, 8:30 pm, the appointment that sees protagonist ‘Cantine Barbato’ the newborn company located in Val Di Comino in the Frosinone. And what is the best way to present […]