The Ritmo diVino Tours: Salvatore Martusciello Wines

This time Ritmo diVino went to a big friend of our website, in Quarto, Naples, to visit Salvatore Martusciello and his wines.

Last Friday, we at Ritmodivino went at the winery of Salvatore Martusciello.

If Salvatore wasn’t Salvatore, we’re sure he’d be bored with us already.

Because of the weather, and the Burian that has raged across the peninsula, we postponed several times the visit to his winery. This time, then, we got there with minimal notice.

And when you go to a winery, framing the events to exploit that unique ray of sunshine that peeps through the clouds, a producer isn’t always happy. ù

The winery is a workspace and every manufacturer has its “secrets”.

The working time on the wine is expired and unpredictable, and those of the visits must be carefully planned.

Salvatore, on the other hand, lives of wine and he is a person of rare delicacy and cordiality. When we prepared for him the wine-music-art combination that you can find on our site, he had filled us with delicacies and tales of life in the countryside.

Today we had to buy the scent of his OttoUve Gragnano and then the time to warn him was little. A simple “We come on Friday”, followed by a confirmation while we were already in the car. In Pozzuoli. Five minutes from his cellar.

For us, going to the company “Vini di Persistenza” of Salvatore and Gilda is like going home.

The first time, like perfect strangers, we went there for a tasting and for a special pairing. And we were welcomed by every good of God.

Neapolitan sandwiches, cheese, ham, salami and, of course, its Gragnano OttoUve, a marvel for the palate.

The OttoUve derives its name from the fact that Gilda and Salvatore realize it, as well as with the grapes Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso, with the autochthonous ones. These are the Santantonina or Uva del Sabato, the Zauca, the Sulbegna, the Suppezza and the Castagnata.

It is a rare wine that Salvatore produces with passion and love for a land, the Sorrentine Peninsula, which he has lived since he was a kid (because he is still a young man)

Salvatore does not define himself as the heir of the family tradition that sees him descending from the family that managed, until a few years ago, the extremely famous “Grotta del Sole”.

His company is completely new, and hedecided to specialize himself in the production of Gragnano, because, living his youth among the vineyards overlooking the sea, through mule tracks and paths, Salvatore learned to know producers, grapes, land , rarities, peasants and all those who have poured their love into the land.

The result is a floral, sparkling, tasty wine that excites the palate for a long time.

Even now, who are at work on this little piece and tell the taste sensations try savoring OttoUve, I feel its aroma in the mouth: the sweetness of the grape that is sublimated in sparkling; the delicate pressure that the carbon dioxide produced naturally by the fermentation exerts on the cap of the OttoUve.

The ideal combination that we have got to experience with this wine is an excellence of our land, the Campania.

With its live tannin, in fact, this expression of Gragnano is perfect with the Pizza Margherita.

A sensory ecstasy, which has been enriched with the sparkling Trentapioli of Aversa, the classic method of Salvatore and Gilda, the second excellence of this small winery, but a product of equal grace and balance.

A wine that surprises for its beautiful perlage. It looks like a gold chain that goes up with geometric precision from the bottom of the glass to the end of the goblet, emanating scents of pastries and fresh bread, although the grape is a sour grape, not generous in terms of taste and especially difficult.

An exceptional visit that we advise you to do, this from Salvatore! Its winery is located in via Spinelli 2 in Quarto, Naples.

To the next episode!

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