A crowdfunding to finance “the bottle that breathes”

The idea is of Amos Benacchio, sommelier and entrepreneur who lives in Valencia, Spain. During a trip to Italy, Amos had an innovative idea that could revolutionize the world of wine. His project is on the net on ulule.com platform

The Ritmodivino.it project is about to take a year, but we at the staff are always looking for news.

Just today, among the numerous new contacts we have added to those who have been following our emotional wine & music project for a long time, we are contacted by Amos Benacchio. Sommelier and entrepreneur who lives in Venice, Amos brings to our attention his project, an innovative idea that could revolutionize the world of wine forever.

During a journey that Amos made to our beautiful Country, Italy, Amos tells us that he found himself in a cellar tasting different wines, and the owners showed him a riesling that was fermenting in a clay amphora.

Today, wines in amphora are gaining momentum all over Italy and particularly in Campania.

In fact, Campania, the wine-growing area of ​​ancient Rome, was one of the first lands that conceived the idea of ​​wine in amphora, already 2000 years ago in the times of ancient Pompeii. Today we are returning to the idea of ​​wine evolved in amphora, but that of the use of terracotta is still a project being tested.

Amos remained enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being able to age the wine in the amphorae and wondered why it was not possible to bottle the wine in bottles made of the same material.

This is how Terracotta Wines was born from a simple and innovative idea.

Amos explains that the greatest difficulty of aging in terracotta bottles was to avoid the loss of liquid over time. Together with a friend, an artist in working the clay, our friend sommelier has studied the process to give the bottle the characteristic of impermeability and, at the same time, allows the wine, thanks to the porosity of the bottle, to age in amphora.

It is a revolutionary idea, because wine in clay bottles has the possibility of micro oxygenation even in the bottle, maintaining a characteristic of amphorae or wooden barrels. And without altering the taste of wine!With the idea of ​​Amos, therefore, we respect the land of origin and the typicality of the grape.

The bottle cap remains in cork, and the wood to make the caps comes from the Sierra de Espadán. These caps have a FSC certificate (the most demanding system in the world that guarantees its origin, from forests managed in a sustainable way). Finally, the labels hang from the neck with a hemp thread instead of using the classic stickers.

Currently, the Amos company bottles two varieties: the bobal and merlot, “de la terreta”, in the area of ​​Utiel Requena, a few kilometers from Valencia. These two wines have allowed us to present the “bottle that breathes” in the “MonoVino” competition in Madrid. Competition that has rewarded us with two gold medals, one for each wine. This means that the micro oxygenation, which took place inside the bottle, satisfied the palates of the world of Spanish wine.

Now Terracotta Wines opens up to Europe, and with ulule.com, a crowdfunding platform, Amos and his company are looking for funds to create the mold needed to produce the 500 ml “breathing bottle”.Recipient that will serve to fill a Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda and a Oloroso de Jerez. In doing so, Terracotta Wines will be able to expand its product range.

The bottle that breathes can be found at 60 euros in Spanish shops or in the wine list of some restaurants in Valencia, starting in January.However, the Amos financiers will be able to receive an exclusive bottle at their home, and in preview!

We have perceived the whole passion of our friend and we tell you that the “bottle that breathes” could be a wonderful Christmas present for all your passionate friends.

You will make a nice present and you will also give Amos the chance to be a father present for his daughters, Daniela and Mey, to whom Amos has dedicated his bottles. In order not to lose the fundamental stages of their growth, in fact, Amos decided to open a small business and start dedicating myself totally to my project, gradually leaving the work of the restaurant.

Work that takes away many hours from the life of a father.

What are you waiting for to help him, then? Good luck to Amos, with all the love of Ritmo DiVino!

Amos Benacchio

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