The Ritmodivino Tours: The Ventitré Filari Estate in Montefredane, Avellino

Twenty-three rows for this small pearl in the heart of the Irpinia. We stayed there and would recommend you to visit it. Or, at least, not to lose their magnificent Fiano.

It is located in Montefredane, in the province of Avellino, in the heart of the Irpinia and the Fiano area. It is a small pearl with a great production of this extraordinary wine of Campania.

We speak of the estate Ventitré Filari from Rosa and Alfonso Puorro, twenty-three as the year of birth of those who first began to work the green lands of the town a few kilometers from the capital city of Irpinia.

We adored this wine that we adored, together with the availability of the family Puorro-Di Benedetto to host us in this tasting. A iridescent nectar, which you have to taste slowly to appreciate all the nuances of this territory and to appreciate the work of those who make quality wines.

A real cru, because the production here is limited: only 3500 bottles, which already make the tasters ‘ throat for the delicious aroma of honey, pineapple and almond that this Fiano knows how to unleash.

The winery is in Via Piante, 43, and we have visited it! Check the video from Ritmodivino!

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