Taurasi “Nero Né” from Il Cancelliere

Nero Né, an exceptional wine

An evening, the first cold and Nero Né del Cancelliere inspired this project of combining wine and art. In this Taurasi we found the jazz musicality of Adam’s Apple and the surrealism of Eyes Wide Shut.

An exciting wine to drink in those gloomy days in front of the fireplace, leaving the thousand worries of everyday life out of your mind.

Its territory of election seems isolated from reality just like this nectar, which evolves in Slavonian oaks in the heart of Alta Irpinia, in the municipality of Montemarano (AV).

Like wine, which at the opening is closed and then release its olfactory outfit based on spices, so the harsh territory from which it takes life gives the traveler glimpses and colors always new, which seem to lead to an alternative dimension.

The heat is enveloping, the structure is wide. Its vivacity illuminates the glass, ranging from ruby ​​hue to garnet. With every sip it is an explosion of sensations!

We pass from the juicy red fruit of a hot summer to the tobacco of a good cigar, to the mix of spices from the grandmother’s jar. The intensity and persistence are such, to make you remain addicted to this exciting journey, even when the glass is empty now!

Autore dell'articolo: Ritmodivino

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