Alois: the strenght of the roots

Today, with our wine tales, we bring you to discover one of the most famous wineries of the Caserta Area: the farm Alois of Pontelatone (CE).

The farm is surrounded by lush green vineyards and a grove of Mediterranean scrub. 

On arrival we are impressed by the relais that comes from the renovation of an ancient structure of the nineteenth century, which today serves as a dining room and, under which, has been obtained an exclusive bottaia (cooper).

Here, you can buy wine directly.

Going down the stairs leading to the bottaia you can admire the countless posters, photos, events, restaurants and menus all over the world, in which the winery Alois has proposed and continues to propose its wines.

Accompanied directly by the brothers Alois, we perform a tour as well as in the vineyards and in the cellar, also in the history of the family.

Among the first to revive the Caserta wines, in particular the Pallagrello but especially the Casavecchia of Pontelatone, a very ancient native vine forgotten for many years, today the Alois boast an estate of more than 50 hectares of these grapes.

From their words, we can see the difficulty in recognizing as DOC the Casavecchia of Pontelatone, one of the most recent denomination of origin of our region.

This grape, in fact, while being indigenous to this small area of the Casertano, is cultivated up to the Volturno River, with results not always excellent.

The Alois family aims to make known these wines still little known in the world.

In addition to Pallagrello and Casavecchia, who are the company’s favourite children, Falanghina and Aglianico are also produced.

Everything is studied in detail: the breeding of the grapes is traditional, but next to it there is also the technology, which thanks to the use of control units and meteorological stations, allows you to know the best time to intervene in the vineyards.

Passion, love and above all tradition are the driving force behind this company in the world.


Wonderful Casavecchia Trebulanum from Alois Winery

During the visit to the Bottaia, we had the honor to taste, exclusively, this wine reserve.

A wine of great character, without half measures, that surprises you as it opens with every sip.

A wine to be enjoyed at different times.

After the opening and an opportune oxygenation, you must have the patience to wait for it to understand its innumerable nuances.

It passes from scents of red fruits, blackberries and liquorice to hints of spices, especially black pepper, and minerals.

At the tasting the tannin is beautiful alive, a natural characteristic of Casavecchia, a wine of body and of great persistence that gives, however, also a good final freshness.

A wine that fully reflects the soul and character of the Caserta terroir


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