The Ritmo DiVino Tours: the Di Marzo Cellars and Winery in Tufo, Avellino

In this second journey of Ritmo DiVino, the staff chose the Di Marzo Cellars and Winery Tufo, Avellino

Ritmo DiVino begins this new year recovering something from the just-ended 2017.

Last December, in fact, in addition to the visit to Tenuta Puorro Ventitré Filari, we went on a visit to Tufo, Avellino, in The Di Marzo Cellars and Winery. It is one of the oldest wineries in Europe.

Established in 1647, the Di Marzo Cellars and Winery is directed by Ferrante Di Somma, who produces in a magnificent city castle, an excellent Greco Di Tufo, the wine par excellence of the city of Tufo.

According to the story, an ancestor of Ferrante, Scipione Di Marzo, left in 1643 the city of San Paolo Bel Sito because of the plague that raged in those areas.

Scipio led with him some seedlings of vines growing around San Paolo, and he implanted here in Tufo.  That grape adapted so well in the terroir of Tufo, giving rise to what is now the grape used to make this incredible Greco.

Di Marzo later bought the castle and the city walls of the town, and today, after more than three centuries, this is the seat of the beautiful company of Ferrante.

Di Marzo exports to Italy, Europe and all around the world, following a consolidated tradition for centuries. Its production is now around the 200,000 bottles and the workhorse of the company remains the Greco di Tufo, produced with all the fundamental characteristics that this product requires.

Mineral, herbaceous, sulphur. A real joy for the palate!

Below the video that we realized (in Italian):

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