At a Foam Rythm with Lievito & Nuvole (Yeast’n Clouds)!

Today we inaugurate a new section dedicated to Beercrafting: “At a foam rythm”. Let’s start this new path by telling the work of the Master brewer Alessio Manzo and his team of “Yeast’n Clouds”, a Brewery of Avella (AV)

In our tasting routes, many times we have been asked by friends and enthusiasts to emotionally pair also a fresh and easy-to-consume beverage like beer, which, after wine, is one of the most widespread beverages in the world.

So we decided to start this new adventure starting from the realities closest to our territory of origin.

Campania, in recent years, is distinguishing itself, in fact, also in the production of artisanal beer, and Avella, only a few kilometers from Nola, become from 2013 the seat of “Yeast’n Clouds”, directed by Alessio Manzo.

Alessio transformed his passion in a job, having started to produce homemade beer, with a simple kit.

Then, its capacity to produce a quality beverage, it pushed it to invest and to detect a shed in the industrial area of Avella, in which he then built its brewery.

We reach Alessio and his staff while one of his beers are in preparation.

On entering, we are overwhelmed by the aromas of warm bread and yeast. Despite the intense work to which they were dedicating, the boys greet us with sympathy and cordiality, telling their adventure.

Currently yeast & clouds produces ten different types of beer, from lagers to ale.

We had the opportunity to taste the three that were in production at that time, namely the Old School Gentleman, a 6% Scotch Ale, the Hops 2Space American IPA 5% and the smoky Eye smoked 6%. Among the other beers that we promise to come to taste there is the Capatosst, American Pale Ale from 6.5% and the Belgian Trip, a Strong Ale 7.3%.

The Beers

The beers from Yeast’n Clouds (Lievito & Nuvole) are three different beers but with the same thread, unpasteurized and unfiltered beers.

The Old School Gentleman is an amber beer that stands out for its hops and caramel aromas. A beer that of the three is the simplest, but not for this obvious. Fresh and ideal to drink in company, able to clean the mouth of the taster in a very clear.

The Hops 2Space is an American IPA that caters to a more experienced drinker, a taster with different demands but that can also satisfy the palate of those who approach for the first time to the style of craft beers. With citrus aroma, spicy and fresh, it is a beer that you choose pleasantly to accompany both dishes structured like the fried, and to enjoy a little ‘ of refreshment from the summer heat.

The Smoky Eye smoked 6% brings us back to the cold months and the atmosphere of autumn, as it is a beer flavored with smoked wood, which emits hints of boiled chestnuts. It is a complex beer, not suitable for all palates, but able to catapult you into the memories of the past.

The music

We thought of proposing a musical match to the beers of our friends of yeast & clouds, choosing John Scofield and his album A Go Go. This record is somewhat futuristic, because it is the first that Scofield records with the trio MMW. A musical partnership that will have a very long future. The combination of the new and soft jazz harmonies proposed by Scofield blended with the funky and trip hop sounds of the trio MMW.



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