“Terre Stregate” Winery: a true magic Falanghina!

Just for our friends and followers, we went in the heart of Sannio, in the city of Guardia Sanframondi, province of Benevento. Land of witches, in which tradition, religion and magic mix to create unique atmospheres. A place where vineyards and olive groves are the masters.

This week we stopped at Guardia Sanframondi, in the province of Benevento, named “City of Wine 2019” along with the other municipalities that are part of the Sannio Falanghina district.

We are, in fact, in the company of Mr. Armando Iacobucci, at “Terre Stregate” winery. The company takes its name from the ancient tradition of the “janare”, the witches of Benevento.

Like the magic rites that took place – according to the story – next to a walnut tree near the Calore river, so today – according to Mr. Armando – from this magic soils comes a wine that charms you.

A 100% family-run company, from the government of the fields to the care of the vineyard up to the production and marketing of wines.

Almost 80% of the production of “Terre Stregate” is represented by Falanghina, followed by Aglianico, Greco and Fiano. In addition to wine production, however, the company has also been producing olive oil for about ten years.

The wines of the company are particularly representative of the taste of those who produce them. Mr. Armando – in fact – tells us that for the guardians the Falanghina wine is par excellence, to be drunk on any occasion and combined – practically – with any dish.

Despite having a bottled production, faithful to the family tradition, Mr. Armando – as in a propitiatory rite – continues the sale of bulk wine. Thus, every day, that poetic exchange between producer and consumer is renewed.

The wines

FALANGHINA DEL SANNIO SVELATO – Falanghina di punta of the company, born from the luxuriant hills guardiensi. With a straw yellow color tending to golden, it is a wine that captivates with its floral and fruity scents, particularly those of apple.

On the palate it is an explosion of flavors! Come – in fact – struck by a roundness given by the perfect balance between acidity and softness. A fundamental characteristic of this Falanghina is – then – the total absence of that bitter note that usually characterizes these wines.

A falanghina – expression of the philosophy of the producer – that strikes you without “revealing” the secret of its taste!

MANENT AGLIANICO DEL SANNIO DOP 2014 – The Aglianico “Manent”, just like the Falanghina, is another favorite of the Iacobucci family. A wine with a ruby ​​red color, which impresses with hints of wild berries and, above all, liquorice.

The taste is soft, with smooth and enveloping tannins. The refinement is due to the use of oak and chestnut barrels, in which this nectar rises, after an initial passage in steel.

A wine that – like Falanghina, awarded with three Gambero Rosso glasses – has also amazed the international public.

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