Beppe Rinaldi, purist of Barolo, dies at 70

In the continuous and constant process of updating of a passionate of the wine world, it sometimes happens that you find a news that goes around the social networks, shared with composure by all those who have more experience than you, and that maybe they have had the opportunity to also visit distant cellars, maybe those of distant regions.

The news, this time, concerns the disappearance of Beppe Rinaldi, 70, who died after a brief but harsh illness in his house-cellar in Barolo, in the province of Cuneo. Wine lovers with whom we are in contact with Ritmodivino Network are really many, and go from those of the nearest South to those of the deep North, without forgetting, of course, the Islands.

This time, sifting through the shares on Facebook, we came across a thought left by those who got to know this character: the friend Salvatore of the blog “Chi beve solo acqua”, who writes: “Even if I mourn It’s nice to remember him for his frankness. “Citrico” one who has never been duped by inconclusive international styles !!! W THE BAROLO !!! “

We contact Salvatore to ask about the missing person and he tells us that Rinaldi was an unique character, almost a philosopher.

Our friend confesses, then, that Rinaldi was a real rebel, one of those who could not stand the many francesisms that today are part of the world of wine, and especially an unconventional linked to natural things, in true sense of the word.

And in fact, deepening in the enoic pages the figure of “Citrico”, we discover that he supported the idea of ​​”a wine in the absence of acceleration and stabilization”, a product that could recover “the best balance between the action of man and the cycles of nature “.

So we understand that all the “winemakers” should cry a character full of knowledge, which has been spent in life, without saving in defense of human work and for the protection of the territory, shouting alarms and making media attention uncomfortable issues. We also greet him!

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