Cantine Astroni, the Falanghina in every version!

Happy 2018! Let’s start this new year continuing to get excited about wine! Our journey today leads us to Naples, to the Cantine Astroni of the Varchetta family.

We are in the deep heart of Campi Flegrei, a volcanic crater district, a magical place, rich in history and natural beauties. It is here, precisely from these sandy and mineral soils, sung in Dante’s Inferno, that a heavenly nectar is born called Falanghina.

The Varchetta family, with Cantine Astroni, knew how to use these grapes, creating products that, despite the same soul, have sensory characteristics that continually surprise the taster.

astroniFALANGHINA “Colle Imperatrice 2016”: A true, limpid wine, with a straw yellow colour. At the opening you get intoxicated with an intense swirl of perfumes, white flowers, white berry fruits and mineral notes. In the mouth It refreshes you, like a sweet sea breeze, with its acidity and minerality. A carefree falanghina, that leaves a smile on your face.

FALANGHINA “Vigna Astroni 2015 ″: The CRU born from the land around the crater is the maximum expression of the vulcanicity of the land. A straw yellow color, with hints of minerals, broom, white flowers, ripe white fruit. In the mouth you have an explosion of minerality and acidity well balanced! A wine that gives you, at every sip, wonderful snapshots of these places.

FALANGHINA “Strione 2012”: Here we facw pure elegance! A gold-yellow wine, that dazzles you. It’s an eruption of perfumes that slowly come out of the glass! They go from flowers to ripe fruit to white berry, from minerals to spices! In the mouth, minerality, flavor and acidity create a well-orchestrated symphony that leaves you breathless!

FALANGHINA spumante Brut “ASTRO”: Here is the latest transformation of this wine! A sparkling wine made in Naples! With a straw-yellow colour, with an explosion of fairly fine and persistent bubbles. The scents of white flowers, minerals and fresh fruit, are elegantly raised by the glass! The palate is dry, with a good acidity and softness! The Neapolitan effervescence in the glass!

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