Fiano Ventitré Filari “Numero Primo” from Montefredane

Here we are, ready for new wine emotions. Let’s start! Destination Fiano, “Numero Primo” Ventitré Filari

Yes, only Twenty-three rows of vineyards whose grapes produce a Fiano that leaves you breathless.

The first two Fianos are born in 2014 and 2015, and they are the maximum expression of the love and visceral bond for the grapes, that one the Puorro / De Benedetto family has for nature.

Vintage 2014

2014 is Fiano at its highest expression. An intense golden yellow color, which immediately strikes you. Rotating the glass gives off scents of honey, white flowers, exotic fruits that, closing their eyes, transport you with your mind to a sunny spring day.

In the mouth, the journey continues with the hint of honey, minerality and flavor, which inevitably lead back to that land from which the wine comes to life.

Vintage 2015

2015, despite being the same wine, gives new emotions, and it is like being in front of a beautiful woman to whom one must approach calmly. No hurry. Waiting for the right moment to fully enjoy all its essence. So the wine, surprisingly closed, slowly surprises you. An elegant wine, bright yellow in color, which has hints of herbaceous, bitter almond and minerals.

At every sip done at different times, it gives you an explosion of minerality and an intensity that makes you excited.

A sincere Fiano, without constructions or subterfuges, the only child of nature and of the great work of this company.

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