Greco di Tufo “Colle Serrone” Di Marzo Vinery

The Greco di Tufo “Colle Serrone” from the Cantine Di Marzo

Today, our journey led us on the roads of the Greco di Tufo, one of the most ancient wines of Campania. In this bottle we found all the hippie joy of the Sixties and the musicality of American Graffiti.

When it comes to the Greco wine, you immediately think of Tufo, a small town in the province of Avellino, which became famous thanks to the Di Marzo family, the one who gave life, and made this wine known in the world.

Drinking this wine you will get into the history of this noble family, too.

Everything starts from the castle that dominates the village, from the sulfur mines to the majestic cellar carved into the rock.

In the glass, you are immediately dazzled by its sunny yellow color.

It takes just a few minutes to be inebriated by the scents of flowers, white fruit, grass, transporting you among the green hills from which this nectar comes to life.

In the mouth there is an explosion of freshness and minerality, fruit of the clayey, calcareous and sulfur-rich soils that distinguish this area.

The acidity and the memory of the wine accompany you for the whole day giving you joy!

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