The Ritmodivino Tours: the Cantine Astroni in Naples

The name Cantine Astroni evokes immediately the spectacular crater in the north of Naples, where for more than a hundred years the Varchetta Family cultivates wonderful vineyards. We are on the Mount Vesuvius and here the WWF established a beautiful wildlife reserve perhaps still too unknown. We went to visit it!

Naples always offers wonders to discover, especially to those who have the patience to know.

Naples is a city of contradictions, like all the big cities, but it is a city that also exudes art, history, myth and legend. Only Naples, Italy, hosts metropolitan vineyards, and only in Naples you can pass in a short time from the beaches of the center to the wonder of the woods of Vesuvius.

We are in a city that, according to Irish writer Stendhal, was the only, possible, capital of Europe. The only one, together with Paris, to be a melting pot of peoples. Princes, Kings, Queens, emperors and high prelates lived here. People who mixed themselves to a people who have always tried to tame, but never allowed themselves to be subjected.

Here, in the midst of the concrete structures of the plain district, in the hills behind Mergellina, stands Cantine Astroni.

A historic winery, which for a hundred years offers quality products obtained from its pre-philloxera vineyards, born before the terrible attack of this pest, which, around 1850, destroyed the whole European vineyard. Vineyards that have reproduced in the years with patience, and that today offer a wine that narrates history.

The winery is in Via Sartania, 48, in Naples.

Below is the video we made during our visit!

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