The Casoli Estate, a walk between history, art and Eros!

A new appointment with the emotions that only a good wine can give. Today we went to Candida, in the province of Avellino, visiting the Casoli Estates, welcomed in the beautiful eighteenth-century building of the company. A real journey into the past!

Our wine routes led us today to Candida, a small village of the Avellino province, known in past times for the art of iron production and especially for the production of the nails, “the Chiuovi Candidesi”.

Among the alleys of this small village opens, like a secret casket, the eighteenth century palace belonged, at the time of the Borbons, to the Filangieri family from Naples. The building was subsequently purchased and skilfully refurbished by the Casoli family, which made it the home of their winery.

Visiting the palace you make a dive into the history of this place, remaining fascinated.

Through the stone cellar, the majestic staircase, the rooms, the garden, a wonderful journey takes you to the daily life of that time.

Casoli is a young company, led by the young and rampant Archimede Casoli, whose philosophy of production is open to innovation, but firmly linked to the tradition, the art and the oenological history of these places.

This fusion of wine and art is also found in the label of wines, which reproduce an ancient tapestry, a representation of a nymph who subdues, with the juice of a bunch of grapes, a satyr lying at her feet. Pure Eros!

The wines produced are those of the Irpinia Lands, from the Greco, on which the company aims, plus the Fiano, the Aglianico and the Taurasi.

The Aglianico Irpinia DOC “Kataros 2016” is a ruby red wine, which emits hints of red berries in the glass like cherries in spirit and a slight spicy. To taste the spicy notes and the tannins have a good balance. Soft, with a good structure. A wine without construction, expression of the vintage!

We had also the pleasure to taste the future Taurasi from year 2012, not yet in the bottle! A ruby red wine, almost garnet in color.

The nose is affected by the notes of ripe red fruits, cherries, bitters, pepper and leather. In the mouth, the spicy note is at its best! The tannins are well present but elegant. The structure and persistence make it a wine to discover in time!

Unfortunately we are forced to postpone the tasting of the Greek 2016 La Créte, the flagship of the company, to next spring. The time spent in the bottle, in fact, is still too short to be able to taste this nectar as it should. It will be an opportunity to return to Candida!

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