Ciervo Winery

Ciervo, a family of wine

Today our wine emotions stop in Dugenta (BN), in the Ciervo winery.

We are in Sannio region to tell you the story of a family that, thanks to love, work, passion, from simple producers of bulk wine, gave life to products of great quality!

Among these, it stands out the Aglianico DOC IGT, the Falanghina DOC and IGT and something new, the Sparkling Falanghina!

This last idea was born from the creative inspiration of Mrs. Chiara Mastrocinque, mater familiae, who has transferred its effervescence, warmth and elegance into the wine!

Sincere wines, an harmonious expression of the family bond of the Ciervo for the earth and its fruits!

Aglianico sannio DOC “Aulicino” Ciervo A nectar with a ruby ​​red color! It unleashes aromas of red fruit such as cherry and raspberry, wood and light spices. When tasted, it is wrapped in a warm embrace of sweet tannins and fruit.

Harmony and rural simplicity at every sip!





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