The roundness of Botero in the Falanghina of Terre Stregate

The soft taste of Falanghina by Terre Stregate tells of a sensuality and a volume reminiscent of those of Fernando Botero’s paintings, the Colombian artist remembered for his voluminous figures The question most often made by the profane when they approach the art of Fernando Botero is always the same: “Why does Botero always paint […]

Vino al Vino, the book from Mario Soldati which rediscovered Arneis

We could have chosen, for the artistic combination with our Roero Arneis, more than one work. In the end, however, our choice fell on a book that is part of the cultural baggage of every wine lover. This is “Vino al Vino”, a book which reminds of three trips along the Italian Peninsula made by […]

cambiamenti climatici

How climate changes is killing the wine

Studies of scholars are merciless. Climate change is seriously damaging the world of wine. To pursue cooler climates, we will be forced to abandon many areas currently cultivated. To move further north and at altitudes above eight hundred meters. To hear who loves summer, the heat is nice even in October. Even when – three […]


The Wine Fever at Viticoltori Lenza’s

Our constant search for emotions of wine led us to the discovery of a young, exuberant, winery from Salerno: Viticoltori Lenza Between vineyards and thoroughbreds We are today in Pontecagnano, an industrial city between the Gulf of Salerno and the Picentini Mountains, inside an ancient farm once dedicated to the breeding of racehorses. A place […]


Alois: a plot that puts art, wine and music together

For the artistic combination with the wines of the Alois winery of Pontelatone (CE), Ritmodivino chose a work by Salvador Dali in 1975, “Moises sauvé des eaux”.  A lithograph on lambskin made by the Spanish genius, which links art and psychoanalysis. Which, however, lends itself to great in a plot that also involves art and […]

Beppe Rinaldi

Beppe Rinaldi, purist of Barolo, dies at 70

In the continuous and constant process of updating of a passionate of the wine world, it sometimes happens that you find a news that goes around the social networks, shared with composure by all those who have more experience than you, and that maybe they have had the opportunity to also visit distant cellars, maybe […]


What does the resignation of Bruno Paillard means

A brief reflection on the wine case of the week, the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Commission Protection de l’Appellation of Champagne. Because Europe needs more integration, especially in the food sector The news of the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Protection Commission of the Champagne “Appellation” was the […]


The 11th International Wine Culture Forum at LUISS University

The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The venue of the event is the Free International University and Social Studies Guido Carli (LUISS). Whose president, Emma Marcegaglia, says something … The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The event hosted the event was the Free International University and Social […]