The Tours of Ritmo diVino: the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA)

RitmodiVino went on visit to the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA)

This first visit of Ritmo DiVino took place at the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA), also known as Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Founded in 1607 in a rigid enclosure with a brief by Pope Innocent X, the Hermitage hosted a community of Camaldolese monks until 1992.

The Camaldolese order was founded in 1523 in Fabriano, in the Marche region, where a community of solitaries called Montecorona was recognized later that year.

Internal dissensions among the friars led, in 1771, to a separation of the friars of Montecorona from the other orders, then in 1807 a bull of Pope Pius VII abolished the monasteries.

It was at that moment that the monks of Naples recovered the structure and settled there.

Nowadays ruled by Father Vito Terrin, the hermitage has a size of about 10 hectares, and hazelnuts, olives and especially the Aglianico, Falanghina and Piedirosso grapes.

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