Tenuta Cavalier Pepe: a piece of France in Irpinia

Back on the road to reach a new stage of our wine routes! We are in Sant’Angelo All’Esca, home of the Cavalier Pepe Estate.
A glimpse of the beautiful Pepe estate

Upon arrival you are immediately struck by the lush vineyards, perfect frame to the beautiful wine cellar! We welcome the dazzling smile of the landlady, Milena Pepe.

Milena is a charge of elegance and sympathy. It fascinates you for its culture, for its kind ways and for that French accent that characterizes it so much. The cellar is the faithful mirror of its being, international, for the studies conducted in Belgium and in France, and traditional for the Irpinian blood that flows through its veins.

Irpinia, a land of origins, visceral love, which expertly tells with its wines! They range from Coda di Volpe, a vine that you have revalued, to fiano, to greek in its classic forms, passed in wood, sparkling wine.


My work, the Taurasi di Milena

Until its majesty Aglianico in its various forms: Rosato del Varo, Santo Stefano Campi Taurasini, Taurasi, Taurasi Riserva and a gem, the Aperitif of the Knight, or a Cherry of Aglianico, the Cherry Merry.

Wines, different chapters of the story that Milena continues to write with the same success!

A vortex of colors, perfumes, emotions that take you and leave you breathless.

Taurasi DOCG “Opera mia” A wine of great personality! Ruby red in color, with intense aromas of blueberry, black currant, tobacco, pepper. Every sip gives you beautiful snapshots of the Irpinia land! Powerful and elegant, a warm hug that does not leave you!

“Grancare” Greco di Tufo DOCG A Greek aged in French oak barriques for six months. Golden yellow, intense, with hints of white peach, white flowers and sulfurous note.At the taste it captivates you with its balance and the characteristic toasted note. A wine that keeps company on a sunny spring day!

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