A letter from home travelling in the world

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The Falanghina “Svelato” by Terre Stregate is like a letter that narrates not only a territory, but above all the soul and the ideology of those who produce it. This is why the artistic combination fell on Pat Metheny’s album “Letter from Home”.

Among the most influential jazz scene guitarists, Pat Metheny has always stood out for his markedly soft and orchestral sonorities.

In his projects with the Pat Metheny Group, he has accustomed listeners to sounds that bring back the culture of South America.

Despite his US origins, Metheny has always offered music far from the clichés to which both his contemporary musicians and listeners were used. Reason for which, in the early years of his career, the artist struggled to be appreciated and to be enjoyed by the great jazz lover.

Metheny, however, is the same artist who – a few years ago – proposed albums capable of winning twenty Grammy Awards, a result that shows that his passion and style can meet the common taste. Without – for this – having to be included in the traditional categories of jazz.

Letter from Home, the album we chose for the combination with Terre Stregate’s Svelato Falanghina, is composed of twelve tracks that flow smoothly and smoothly.

In the disc, however, there are jazz tones that allow him to satisfy an audience that – initially – was far from his music.

With his Unveiled, Terre Stregate did the same.

While maintaining the characteristics of specificity of this grape variety – which gives nectars in which the acid component prevails and the bitter note – the company has worked carefully to reduce these two peculiarities of Falanghina and return a softer and rounder wine.

A music and a wine that are “revealed” savoring them calmly.

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