The tuning at 440hz and the one at 432hz, between studies and conspiracy

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to standardize the tuning of musical instruments. An Italian law of 1989 establishes, for example, that ” the reference sound for the basic intonation of musical instruments is the note LA³, whose height must correspond to the frequency of 440 Hertz (Hz), measured at room temperature of […]

I love you, Julien, don’t be afraid. I’ll be close to you!

Louis Malle was only twenty-five years old when he directed “Lift to the Scaffold”, a cult film of 1958, passed to history as one of the cornerstones of the Nouvelle Vague. A throbbing film, which combines Pathos and Eros, Love and Crime. And, in the background, Miles Davis’s Immortal Soundtrack. A film, an epochal soundtrack […]