What’s really happening in Valpolicella Vineyards

The intense rains that are falling during these hours in Valpolicella brought the Negrar area to a dramatic situation, with flooding and flooding. Damages also to the vineyards, especially those of Recioto grapes and those destined for the production of Amarone (Corvina, Rondinone and Rondinella). And while citizens deal with everything that has been soaked […]


A Futuristic Falanghina, the triumph of Cantine Astroni

Be carried away by emotions when you are tasting a wine opens unexpected scenarios and often leads to unexpected combinations. Especially when you taste not just one, but several excellent Falanghina like those of the Cantine Astroni. An entire vertical of wines that inspired this article, with the wine of the Neapolitan cellar that goes […]