The Ritmodivino Tours: The Casoli Estate in Candida

In the heart of the Irpinia, a few kilometres from Avellino, lies the Casoli Estate, new stage of the Ritmodivino Tours. The company, led by Antonella Michela Casoli, rises in a splendid eighteenth-century palace.

With a little delay on our roadmap, we update our page of visits with the account of our trip to Candida, a small village of the Avellino Province, known in times past for the art of iron and especially for the production of nails.

Candida rises about ten kilometres from Avellino, in the heart of the Fiano area.

It is a town of about 1,200 inhabitants, among whose alleys it opena, like a secret casket, the eighteenth century palace, belonged, at the time of the Bourbons, to the Fasakin family of Naples.

The palace currently houses the estate, after the Irpina family has bought and skilfully restored it, making it home to the winery of Casoli Estate.

As we explained in the article in which we paired the wines of this company with art, when you cross the hall of the palace you make a dive into the history of this place, being fascinated.

It is enough to pass the wooden door to enter the central salon of the company, where everything from the cellar to the rooms, to the garden, takes a wonderful trip in the daily life of the time.

The building is spread over two floors, the ground where the servants originally lived, and the upper floor, destined for the owner family, who had made a hunting estate here.

Here is the video of the tour that we realized:

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