Who we are

You write “Wine”, you read it “Culture”. Culture, however, not intended only as History, Geography, Enology or Agronomy. Or like any other kind of science that is able to tell what lies behind a glass.

Culture is primarly Art, and the ours is an ambitious project.

When dealing with the professional qualification course to qualify as a Sommelier, the last level is generally dedicated to the pairing. Food and Wine.

Then, you learn to pair wine with pasta, with meat, with fish and with salami. And, above all, the most complex combinations, those that combine the sweet drink of Bacchus with chocolates or all kinds of desserts.

Yet, “to combine”, in the vocabulary means generically “to put together”, “to pair with two”.

It is true, in this sense, to combine presupposes that these two things are similar to each other. And the food goes very well with the wine.

But in the meantime, observe what tasters do when they are called to sing the praises of a good wine: they sit down, wait for the wine and then taste. When ever, if not at a professional course, someone starts to taste in front of a plate?

Even groups of friends, when they meet in front of a glass, rarely get their mouth dirty eating more or less complex foods, while they observe the color, the vivacity and the consistency of a beautiful wine. The taste of a wine, to be appreciated in its entirety, should be analyzed with the clearest taste buds possible.

Easier, however, that while you let yourself be inebriated by the scent of the grapes, you can relax by spinning the glass at the sound of a sweet melody. Maybe in front of a TV screen that airs the scenes of a great film, a blockbuster movie world.

This is precisely the space we want to occupy.

We, who are sommeliers and aspiring ones, but not only. A group of art and drink enthusiasts from Bacchus, who discovered and gathered around the passion for wine.

One day we wondered if wine could be combined with music, cinema or art. It was a discourse started out as a game but which, then, impassioned who, among us, was attracted not only by the sacred drink, but also by these other arts.

Everything started from here. A project that is now only at the beginning, but in which we now believe widely. We want to occupy the space between wine and music, wine and a beautiful picture, wine and a good movie.

We do not know yet where this path will lead us.

Of course, however, we know that here, among us, either we drink or we go away. Hence the title of the site: Ritmo diVino, with a sub-title of Ciceronian matrix: You drink or leave. Because you do not drink wine just to drink, you do not see a film just to see it, you do not admire a picture just for the sake of admiring it.

It’s all part of that wonderful journey called life.

Edited by
Ludovico La Manna,
Veterinary and Sommelier

Nicola Lampitiello,
Guitarist, Composer and Arranger

Francesco Napolitano,
Political Sciences Doctor and Sommelier