Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is alive and she is fighting his biggest battle

In spite of the rumors circulating about her, the great American singer is alive and fighting his biggest battle, surrounded by the affection of her family. This time we are to dedicate a “little prayer for her”. We at Ritmodivino enjoyed his art in every occasion of our life, and today by combining a full-bodied […]


Summer nights with wine glasses in the ceramics district

In the Apulia hillside in the Murge, province of Taranto, on 27/28 July there will be the event “Wine is Music”, in the beautiful scenery of the District of Ceramics of the city of Grottaglie. An entire neighborhood along the gravina of San Giorgio dedicated to the art of ancient tradition, inhabited by about 50 […]


What does the resignation of Bruno Paillard means

A brief reflection on the wine case of the week, the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Commission Protection de l’Appellation of Champagne. Because Europe needs more integration, especially in the food sector The news of the resignation of Bruno Paillard as president of the Protection Commission of the Champagne “Appellation” was the […]


A spectacular sunset in the vineyards!

The Macellaro Estate of Postiglione (SA) also this year proposes the expected event of the Summer Vignainfesta2018. Together with the magnificent Aglianicone produced by the company, you can admire a spectacular sunset coast to coast! The long-awaited summer event returns in the Macellaro Winery. The estate of Postiglione, in the province of Salerno, will give […]


Another success for Campania Wine!

The prestigious Forbes magazine promotes the Aglianico Campano, assigning a prominent place, among the great Italian wines, to the Taurasi. Here are the 10 labels chosen by the magazine, considered the best ever Campania continues to grind important successes in the wine sector and to recover positions in the general classification of the regions with […]


The 11th International Wine Culture Forum at LUISS University

The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The venue of the event is the Free International University and Social Studies Guido Carli (LUISS). Whose president, Emma Marcegaglia, says something … The 11th International Wine Culture Forum opened today in Rome. The event hosted the event was the Free International University and Social […]


The tuning at 440hz and the one at 432hz, between studies and conspiracy

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to standardize the tuning of musical instruments. An Italian law of 1989 establishes, for example, that ” the reference sound for the basic intonation of musical instruments is the note LA³, whose height must correspond to the frequency of 440 Hertz (Hz), measured at room temperature of […]


Chapitalization: when European Rules are not harmonized

The question of adding sugars to wine is the last, big issue on which European standards are not harmonized. Countries like France, Germany, Austria and Hungary allow it. Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, on the other hand, strictly forbid it. Someone, however, has just asked the government to intervene. The birth of the Conte government […]


Tenuta Cavalier Pepe: a piece of France in Irpinia

Back on the road to reach a new stage of our wine routes! We are in Sant’Angelo All’Esca, home of the Cavalier Pepe Estate. A glimpse of the beautiful Pepe estate Upon arrival you are immediately struck by the lush vineyards, perfect frame to the beautiful wine cellar! We welcome the dazzling smile of the landlady, Milena […]


“A bout de souffle”: the wines of Milena Pepe and the splendor of the true

For the artistic combination of the wines of Milena Pepe we chose the film that, in France, opened the season of the “Nouvelle Vague”. It was the movement that celebrated the splendor of the truth without artifices. And as Jean-Luc Godard showed to the public, in celluloid, a world that was changing, so the products of […]