Gilda and the color of her hair

As we wrote in the article in which we have combined wine and music, the wines of the Ciervo estate are emotionally involving because they are able to bring our mind back to the past and the sounds of a long time ago. So, if from a musical point of view, we have found in this nectar the spirit of the post-war jazz orchestras, from the artistic point of view it was impossible not to combine this nectar with the noir genre.

Rita Hayworth achieved glory and fame in Hollywood in a particular era, a period in which the films were in black and white and where the color would come only long afterwards. However, the Hayworth is, and remains for all, Rita “the Red”, the coppery color of his legendary hair.

At that time, the films were coloured by hand, there was no technicolor and the colors were a bit ‘different from what we can actually admire live, as if we were fans looking for the autograph of the divine actress.

The color of Rita’s hair remained like a sort of milestone, a sort of collective memory of the history of cinema, and that image has guided us in reading and in the artistic combination of Aulicino wine.

This wine is a production of fabulous vitality, liveliness and taste. A product of extraordinary quality-price ratio, a wonderful accompaniment for every dish that requires a wine with a good structure and an important but delicate tannin.

Like Rita Hayworth, who remains memorable for the scene in which she takes off her gloves singing Put a Blame on Me in front of a delirious audience, this nectar impresses us with its expressiveness.

In the glass there is all the harsh delicacy of the Sannio, an area of ​​Campania that still lives in its own history compared to that of the rest of the region, having been isolated from the rest of the Campania region thanks to the morphology of the surrounding areas. ‘have protected from admixture with other peoples and with different habits of life.

Despite the qualities of this wine, the Aulicino is a wine suitable for any pocket, and this is an interesting key to understanding the artistic combination with the film Gilda.

In the film, Hayworth has a double face: it would seem, in fact, a sort of “femme fatale”. In reality, Gilda plays that role because she was imposed, but she is a much simpler woman than what appears. She’s a savvy woman just because the Hollywood star is a woman who is not so much seeks only to sincere love.

In our opinion, here is the whole similarity between Gilda and Aulicino. In this dualism.

For its expressiveness, the Cantina Ciervo could easily offer the Aulicino with many more frills and very high costs, because it is such a special wine. On the other hand, there are many wines that cost a lot for their quality, and Aulicino could very well be in this category.

But it must be said that an extraordinary wine, however, can also be found in bottles that cost the right. Gilda becomes the object of the desire of the men Perhaps many of them in the film are convinced that Hayworth would not even deign them for that attitude.

Instead, a normal man would have been able to break through her heart. How this wine can easily satisfy all palates. In any way you present it.


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