Two women who met in the Favati Winery…

The strength of a product of the earth is like a mirror of the soul of that human being, who devotes his life to make it excellent. Wine is the full expression of what man can transform, starting from a product that nature gives us in simplicity, grapes, something that could never become a product of excellence without wisdom, passion, strength and mood.

This is the story of a combination that sees two passionate women who carried forward values ​​and “struggles” to make their product an excellence with their daily work .

The Campi Taurasini dei Favati is a product cured and pampered by Rosanna Petrozziello a strong and courageous woman who puts in her vineyard and her work all the passion and wisdom to make a wine that gives emotions and feelings of well-being.

Here, to match this wine emerges a strong intense disc, reminiscent of an artist, a woman, who in his artistic career has put his soul dedicating himself with passion and determination to his art but never forgetting his story and from where he came. An artist who many times during his journey suffered for the many social battles he took part in but managed anyway to give us masterpieces of music such as “Save Me”, “Sinnerman”, “Since I Fell for You”, “I Put a spell on You “. We are talking about Nina Simone.

Emotions in notes and perfumes.

“I Put a spell on You” by Nina Simone is the recording work that Ritmo DiVino thought to combine with the Campi Taurasini from the Favati cellar; both are the hard work of two brave and strong women, extremely skilled in their work: the harmonic knowledge brought a woman to give us unforgettable songs and the knowledge of the raw material of the other gives us a nectar that gives the same emotions art of Nina Simone.

I Put a spell on You” is definitely one of the most famous albums by Nina Simone, an American pianist and singer known for her particularly exciting performances on a wide range of styles ranging from a more soulful touch to jazz and blues. Due to its very diverse nature, this album can be hard and strong in some moments, and then very thin and soft in others. It is truly a masterpiece in many ways.

Nina Simone does not offer a virtuous range of voices, or some experimental epic structured effort. The thing here is more focused on the soft nuances between the notes, the fragile melodies and the singular tone of her voice.

Even in this way, she can sing very loud and emotional when the song requires it. It is also very important to emphasize his ability on the piano as the highest point of this album, just listen to the final part of “Tomorrow Is My Turn” or the jazz instrumental track oriented “Blues On Purpose“.

I could highlight almost every song in this album: you feel the completeness of the work because we can find emotional ballads full of wonderful melodies and strong piano harmonies enriched by the wonderful piano improvisations of Nina Simone in the songs. “July Tree” is the softest and most delicate song on the album, while songs like “One September Day” and “You’ve Got To Learn” bring love themes like very inspired ballads.

At same time, this album has strong blues and jazz songs, with very inspired lyrics, such as women’s liberation themes on “Marriage Is for Old Folks” and “Gimme Some”. Here we can see a woman who suffered from domestic violence, sang wonderfully and with a very funny sense of living in freedom.

Two masterpieces of two women who have thrilled us with their work and the stories of their passion for two jobs that have much in common even if for a less careful eye you would not say: they have the difficult task, both, to excite .

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