Emotions without contrasts at the Ciervo winery

A passion born back in time, a time that often seems to be heavy but if we contemplate it, it tells us how to make it reborn every time. The old and the new, the past and the present, tradition and innovation: the contrast is intrinsic in man and in the product of the earth but today the Ciervo family did not find oppositions but are emotions, a present that “contemplates” the past and leaving a new horizon in the future.

In this journey of emotions we were accompanied by the notes of McCoy Tyner who, in his work “The Real McCoy”, did nothing but put into music the story of the life of this winery. The suggestions of wine and the emotions of music made us appreciate the very similar nuances between these two masterpieces: the wine of the cellar Ciervo and the music of McCoy Tyner. Enter with us the gaze turned forward in time but with emotions still firm in the past.

In continuous “contemplation” of his own history.

“The real Mc Coy” is a journey in the memory of the artist who tells us his musical experience but, at the same time, gives his emotions to bring us on a way to understand who is in McCoy himself, a jazz pianist who was trained with a sacred monster, John Coltrane. He learned so much from Coltrane and never forgets him and in this record he takes us into his world taking a step forward but contemplates what has been. The quartet now formed by Ron Carter on the double bass, Joe Henderson on sax and Elvin Jones on drums recalls that lineup he was so used to and fond of, keeping the link with the past to what was his tradition for him while taking Elvin Jones with himself in this record work. And that’s why these songs involved and excited us while we were tasting the wines of the Ciervo winery, in the stories and in the products we felt that ring of contention between the past and the present.

The songs tell a distant experience but not so much.

“Passion dance” is the song where the passage of time is highlighted, the rhythmic and melodic needs of the artist demand a more radical and new approach compared to tradition. Fully in line with what he had learned in recent years with the old training, a predominantly modal harmonic structure, a single agreement that turns out to be obsessive and disquieting but essential: hypnotic and stupendous dance. “Contemplation” a slower and more reminiscent song. The mood is in full Naima style, where Henderson manages to bring out the spirit of Coltrane and give us back something that has not been felt for some time, and consecrating himself among the titans of Jazz. “Four by five” a rhythmic game, an initial tag that acts as a prelude to an explosion of high-speed notes. A song that focuses on emotions different from those tried so far and from the possibility to enjoy even that purely playful part of these compositions. “Search for peace” delightful intimate and slow dimension, suffused with scattered notes where the theme is the dominant element. “Blues on the corner” reveals the true origins of jazz and the exact point of blues and jazz, all seasoned with chords and notes that overlap and chase time or precede it.

An encounter in a story.

The strong emotions were amplified when we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Chiara Mastrocinque, the link of the company.

A woman full of passion and love for the products of her land and for the family business, she is the daughter of that tradition but in turn the mother of an innovation.

This special dedication goes to her, a special emotional combination made for her and for a product wanted, created and “cuddled” by Signora Chiara: the Sparkling Falanghina. Tasting and letting yourself be thrilled by the fresh flavors of this wine, the mind brings the ear back to long-ago sounds: the jazz orchestras who gave a new light to the ugliness that the men had left on the ground after the war and not the melodies new ones tried to move towards infinity.

We still are not fully in tune with the notes of this wine that has tradition but breaks some patterns and revives new life, when we are excited by the hot notes of the voice of Tony Bennett one of the jazz singers who gave us the possibility to know that musical world full of culture and tradition and that among the masterpieces of Bennett the work that accompanies this sparkling falanghina is “Duets II”.

Yesterday and today, past and present, old and new never in contrast but in union: Bennett a “head of family” that has only to teach and flanked by different artists who in duet with him retrace the pieces of tradition but with new clothes, “sparkling”.

Let yourself be excited by the voice of Bennett, wrapped and almost overwhelmed by that of Amy Winehouse who interprets an immortal song of sublime beauty like “Body and Soul”, will make you enter a new dimension where time no longer has any reason to exist because a new conjugation comes to life, the past and the present add up giving life to an emotion that gives comfort to the “body and spirit” of everyone.


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