Wine, Love and Imagination: the wines of Salvatore Martusciello in Quarto, Naples

Wine, love and imagination …

Today our journey to discover great wines stops in Quarto, Naples, in the company “Vini di Persistenza” by Salvatore Martusciello and his wife Gilda.

Meeting Salvatore and Gilda is a real life experience: Salvatore does not surprise you with special effects, but with the passion, love, the veracity of what he does.

Sitting to listen to him around a table tasting his wines, he takes a trip through the imposing trees of the Aversa Area, the impervious vineyards of Lettere and Gragnano on the Sorrento Peninsula, the beauties of the Phlegraean Fields, the work and traditions of the peasants, without which this nectar today there wouldn’t.

The company’s production philosophy is to obtain quality wines, “of persistence”, respecting the raw material from the work in the countryside to the transport of the grapes to the transformation in the cellar.

The wines produced, Falanghina, Piedirosso and Gragnano and Asprinio, are the expression of enthusiasm, poetry, conviviality, in short, the most genuine “Neapolitan”, which Salvatore and Gilda embody in full.

Trentapioli Asprino of Aversa Sparkling wine of Alberata

The Campano sparkling wine par excellence!

When you stir it, this wine strikes you with a bright yellow color, its crackling foam and its fine and persistent bubbles.

The aromas that are released are citrus citrus and grapefruit. When tasted, the distinct acidity, the salinity, the sparkling of the bubbles create an explosion of joy.

The gold of Naples” in your mouth!

Ottouve Gragnano DOC

Piedirosso, Aglianico, Sciascinoso, Suppezza, Castagnara, Zauca, Olivella and Surbegna.

The wine of the Neapolitan tradition is born from the wise union of these grapes. Sparkling Gragnano! Ruby red in color, with a purple mousse slowly dissolving in the glass.

Scents of violet, raspberry and black currant spread in the air, rotating the glass: in the mouth, the red fruit, together with the freshness and the tannin barely mentioned, givesa good persistence.

A wine, a true poetry for the palate!


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