A past which plays and teach

As in a splendid walk, the Vesuvius behind us, the vineyards that surround the whole landscape and the scent of the harvest that rises all around. Everything sounds like a beautiful melody that comes from the past. A past made of a life that is cadenced by the rhythms of nature, a past that tells and educates, a past that becomes tradition full of costumes and melodies that are now familiar and reassuring. Those melodies are given by the wonderful work of Biseo-Sanjust Quartet “Napoli Jazz Sound” during the walk made between the stories of Salvatore Martusciello’s wine production “Vini di Persistenza”.

The life of a people in music.

The Biseo-Sanjust Quartet album “Napoli Jazz Sound” is an elegant work of rearrangement of the songs of the Neapolitan tradition: the clarinet of Gianni Sanjust and the piano by Riccardo Biseo transform these famous songs into standards, renouncing the poetry of words to make shine the poetry of the notes.

Mauro Battisti’s double bass and Carlo Battisti’s drums guarantee a delicate rhythmic “accompaniment” in a journey to the past but with the goal of arrival the future.

“Napoli jazz sound” builds bridges between the Phlegraean Fields and New Orleans, between Capri and Chicago, between Santa Lucia and New York, and recalls the origins of some of the early jazz musicians who came to light in the years of the birth of this music. A music that came from far away, giving flashes of new light to fine melodies, leaving famous verses to remain in the field of the unsaid, like a silent, closed-mouthed chorus that each of us “listens to himself”, returning to the cantability of the recordings the contribution of the poets. 

This journey back in time for us at Ritmodivino, told with great passion by Salvatore Martusciello, had as background the vineyards in Alberata territory of Aversa and the vineyards of the Sorrento peninsula that contributes to make Gragnano, all embroidered with delicate melodies of Biseo-Sanjust Quartet.

“Trentapioli” Asprinio di Aversa and Gragnano “Ottouve” are two wonderful products that give off and synthesise those stories, perfumes and melodies of that skilful and learned past that only the culture of a people, like the Neapolitan one, knows and passes on.

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