A Tale in Music, Diana Krall’s “From this Moment On”

An open window on the world

It is staring at the window that all the splendor of the nature captures you and plunges you into an almost divine elegance. It is staring at that window that you see the moment to come, when time stands still and the clear image of a rich landscape appears, rich in its culture of its tradition, a fertile land that has so much to say and to give.

An area that takes you by the hand brings you through streets where the scents are intertwined with sounds that Earth reproduces as a prayer. The same that everyone has always repeated and sang not neglecting anything and not omitting anything. A song that reaches the heart, which speaks of life, tradition, love for its origins. That window overlooks the artistic panorama of a masterpiece of the jazz tradition. It is “From This Moment On” by Diana Krall.

Diana Krall is undoubtedly a woman full of charm and artistic talent, qualities that make her recording works of musical masterpieces.

This is why Ritmo diVino found in the album “From This Moment On” the ideal characteristics for matching the Fiano “Numero Primo” of Ventitré Filari.

The disc

“From This Moment On” is a record that we can approach with pleasure, because the style of Diana Krall consists in dealing with famous standards with all the respect appropriate to them.

The same respect for the tradition we found in the “Numero Primo” of Ventitré Filari of the Puorro / De Benedetto family.

Diana Krall is supported by an amazing formation that provides a sound and a musical soul fluent and original, without forgetting but respecting the tradition. And this gives a great proof of balance by establishing a special feeling with the musicians.

His voice is as always elegant, precise and incisive. Keeping on the timbre of the middle register, Diana gives the listener the possibility of not to divert the attention from the disk. Even more pleasure is felt waiting for that typical pianism of the Krall essential and fluid, even in the improvised parts, without useless representations typical of those who have nothing to say, but are full of pathos.

The dynamics of the entire album are well studied, managing to flow without moments of exhaustion.

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