Atmosphere and Disposition: Miles Davis tells a love story

An atmosphere that catapults you back in time with old wooden doors, huge rooms made of stone and rooms that in the twilight illuminate scenes of many years ago. As in a film noir, the smoke that rises hides and conceals that emotion and that unique character of a place, such as the Casoli Estate, full of stories, passions and secret loves. In an environment so suggestive and full of echoes, every step that resounds, seems to evoke the sound of Miles Davis’trumpet. And what masterpiece could inspire us if not “Ascenseur pour the Echafaud, or “Lift to the Scaffold”?

Characters and moods in Miles’ notes.

The story of the composition of this legendary soundtracks tells us that Miles Davis recorded the entire record in one night, while the scenes still unmounted were flowing on the screen.

It is in one night that Miles decides to associate, with each main character, a different dominant instrument: the persuasive, charming and sensual trumpet to Florence; the battery with his vehemence and aggression to Louis. The bass determined in his movement for Tavernier.

This association gives chance to the soundtrack to be protagonist as the same interpreters of the film, telling and characterizing the moods of each character.

Here is the real innovative element of film: the use of music as an essential component, not an accompaniment to images but a real commentary on the narration of the scenes.

A choice of style.

Miles Davis was always looking for new sounds and new musical forms to be expressed.

Unbeknownst to him he was about to experience a new form of jazz that which some time after will called “Modal Jazz”. A new expression of Jazz that switched away from tonal harmony that dictated a precise harmonic progression with chords and scales, that were very precise, giving the pieces a “song” character.

This characteristic gives also Davis the possibility to use, in his improvisations, scales associated with each chord, the so-called “modal scales”, each one with a characteristic that confers many and fifferent nuances, always independently and free from the tonality.

Miles Davis’ notes resonating in the Casoli Estate

Davis musics were an unwitting soundtrack to our path in the products and tales of the Casoli family for their wines.

As the notes of Davis comment on the images of the film, we found the same character to Candida, in this estate. Casoli is a family linked to traditions, but they are also looking for new and higher expressions of their wines.

The disengaging from the harmonies of all time and look for new forms that lead tradition to express themselves at maximum levels unite the family in the case of Miles Davis with his music in this epochal work.

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