The roundness of Botero in the Falanghina of Terre Stregate

The soft taste of Falanghina by Terre Stregate tells of a sensuality and a volume reminiscent of those of Fernando Botero’s paintings, the Colombian artist remembered for his voluminous figures The question most often made by the profane when they approach the art of Fernando Botero is always the same: “Why does Botero always paint […]

Vino al Vino, the book from Mario Soldati which rediscovered Arneis

We could have chosen, for the artistic combination with our Roero Arneis, more than one work. In the end, however, our choice fell on a book that is part of the cultural baggage of every wine lover. This is “Vino al Vino”, a book which reminds of three trips along the Italian Peninsula made by […]


Alois: a plot that puts art, wine and music together

For the artistic combination with the wines of the Alois winery of Pontelatone (CE), Ritmodivino chose a work by Salvador Dali in 1975, “Moises sauvé des eaux”.  A lithograph on lambskin made by the Spanish genius, which links art and psychoanalysis. Which, however, lends itself to great in a plot that also involves art and […]


Paul Strand, when the photography is art without compromise

For the artistic combination with the wines of Marilena Aufiero, Ritmo diVino has chosen the most representative work of Paul Strand, one of the greatest photographers of all time, the first that made this medium a true and own art form Just two nights ago I saw, with much interest, the latest film by Ridley Scott, […]