The roundness of Botero in the Falanghina of Terre Stregate

The soft taste of Falanghina by Terre Stregate tells of a sensuality and a volume reminiscent of those of Fernando Botero’s paintings, the Colombian artist remembered for his voluminous figures The question most often made by the profane when they approach the art of Fernando Botero is always the same: “Why does Botero always paint […]

Fiano, Deconstructivism and Cubism: the Portrait of Dora Maar

Fiano, Deconstructivism and Cubism, or as three fans found themselves talking about art and philosophy, inebriated by the aromas of a wonderful Fiano. Ipse dixit: a beautiful woman We were still in Montefredane that Thursday, a hundred meters or so from the vineyards of the Puorro – De Benedetto family, with the car moving along […]