A year of Ritmodivino, a year with you!


It is time to celebrate a year of activity of Ritmodivino. From the debut with the motto until today, we tasted many wines but the passion for the search for novelties has never stopped, indeed!

We are at the turning point of our business, started as a bet but slowly became a solid reality.

Just a year ago, Ritmodivino saw the light with the publication of our first article, an emotional match between the Nero Né 2012 wine of the Il Cancelliere estate and the music of Wayne Shorter.

Since then, we continued to thrill us and thrill you with the best wine stories of our region.

A special thanks goes to all of you who follow and support us everyday, giving us the opportunity to be recognized as an accredited online magazine in the sector.

Furthermore, the recognition of our  work outside the national borders was a great satisfaction. All this makes us proud and urges us to work with ever greater determination.

Continue to follow us, remembering that – with us – or “drink or go”!

Happy Ritmodivino to all !!

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