Alois and the “Seven Seas” of knowledge

A navigation through the seven seas, which for the mythology and ancient peoples kept many treasures and secrets: what we found at the Alois Winery was a treasure trove of precious things that have thrilled and fascinated us.

Seven Seas by Avishaj Cohen

On this trip, a disc full of emotions made us the soundtrack: Seven Seas by Avishai Cohen.

Israeli, Avishai Cohen toured the world and took his people’s music everywhere, blending it with jazz from overseas.

Seven Seas is a romantic journey, sweet, but at the same time decisive and impressive: the matching combination with the Casavecchia Reserve 2014 of the Alois winery of Pontelatone.

The charm of both lies in the fact that, on every occasion, both wine and music are able to integrate perfectly. It is an emotional combination suitable for both a romantic dinner and a conversation between friends.

The swaying of the music as the flow of wine in the glass carries you like a hammock on the seashore moved by the wind. The leitmotif of the songs on the album that bears the name of the first track, is the constant re-proposal of a phrasing that repeats itself metrically, as in the best jazz tradition.

Seven Seas, in particular, is characterized by a structure in 7/4, cleverly hidden but outlined by the theme sung and played by Avishaj Cohen himself. The reference to the Jewish tradition is instead found in the sixth piece of the album, Ani Aff, in which the artist takes us to his homeland with a song in his native language.

Ani Aff, therefore, rewards the expectations of the listener who finds in the song the fusion between Israeli singing and jazz melody. And here the water, which inspired the recording work and our emotional combination, acts like a mortar between the two cultures.

Like the stormy sea, Casavecchia di Alois surprises and fascinates you by drinking it: its imposing structure, the important tannin, its freshness and the aromas envelop you and merge like notes of a wise journey.

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