roero arneis

Bricat Bric delle Ginestre Roero Arneis, a great wine from Piedmont!

For this first musical combination of the new Ritmodivino column “Vini per Corrispondenza”, we went to Serralunga d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe. And we tasted this very interesting Roero Arneis DOCG Bric delle Ginestre Roero Arneis We are in Piedmont, in the small town of Serralunga d’Alba, six hundred souls in the heart […]


Tenuta Cavalier Pepe: a piece of France in Irpinia

Back on the road to reach a new stage of our wine routes! We are in Sant’Angelo All’Esca, home of the Cavalier Pepe Estate. A glimpse of the beautiful Pepe estate Upon arrival you are immediately struck by the lush vineyards, perfect frame to the beautiful wine cellar! We welcome the dazzling smile of the landlady, Milena […]


Bambinuto Winery: a life of “greco”

Today our wine emotions led us to Santa Paolina (AV), suitable area for the production of Greco grape. We are in the  Bambinuto Winery,  which for several years represents an excellence for the production of Greco wine. We are greeted by the owner, Marilena Aufiero, strong and determined woman, who dedicates her soul and body […]


Ciervo Winery

Ciervo, a family of wine Today our wine emotions stop in Dugenta (BN), in the Ciervo winery. We are in Sannio region to tell you the story of a family that, thanks to love, work, passion, from simple producers of bulk wine, gave life to products of great quality! Among these, it stands out the […]

The Favati Cellar

“Divine smell of Wine, Scent of a woman” Today our wine emotions guided us to Cesinali (AV), in the I Favati winery. Mrs. Rosanna Petrozziello welcomes us in her home, home of the winery. Elegant woman, nice, woman of great character, the driving spirit of the company. Rosanna, leaving the work in the bank, decides […]

A Good Year, le “Chateau le Sirocque” from Cesinali: the Favati Cellars

Reviewing the winery “I Favati” and thrilling ourselves with the wines of this little pearl of Irpina, we found many similarities between the life experience of the Favati-Petrozziello family and that of Russell Crowe in “A Good Year”, the 2006 film by Ridley Scott. After the brief period in which we illustrated our project-pairing between […]


The wines of Salvatore Martusciello, the Gold of Naples

During our visit at Salvatore and Gilda Martusciello Winery, we immersed ourselves in the most true wine tradition of Campania. In a company where two extraordinary persons live above all with passion, we retraced the history of two great little gems of our region: Gragnano and Asprinio. Two wines related to the culture of these […]

Wine, Love and Imagination: the wines of Salvatore Martusciello in Quarto, Naples

Wine, love and imagination … Today our journey to discover great wines stops in Quarto, Naples, in the company “Vini di Persistenza” by Salvatore Martusciello and his wife Gilda. Meeting Salvatore and Gilda is a real life experience: Salvatore does not surprise you with special effects, but with the passion, love, the veracity of what […]


A Futuristic Falanghina, the triumph of Cantine Astroni

Be carried away by emotions when you are tasting a wine opens unexpected scenarios and often leads to unexpected combinations. Especially when you taste not just one, but several excellent Falanghina like those of the Cantine Astroni. An entire vertical of wines that inspired this article, with the wine of the Neapolitan cellar that goes […]

Cantine Astroni, the Falanghina in every version!

Happy 2018! Let’s start this new year continuing to get excited about wine! Our journey today leads us to Naples, to the Cantine Astroni of the Varchetta family. We are in the deep heart of Campi Flegrei, a volcanic crater district, a magical place, rich in history and natural beauties. It is here, precisely from […]