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VITIGNO ITALIA 2018: the Italian wines on show at Naples’sun

The most important event on Italian wine after Vinitaly staged in these days in Castel dell’Ovo, the “living room” of the city of Naples. As always attentive to all that is quality, we at Ritmodivino were at the forefront. And we’ll tell you what we discovered. The numbers 250 cellars, 3000 different labels and 30 […]

The Ritmo diVino Tours: Salvatore Martusciello Wines

This time Ritmo diVino went to a big friend of our website, in Quarto, Naples, to visit Salvatore Martusciello and his wines. Last Friday, we at Ritmodivino went at the winery of Salvatore Martusciello. If Salvatore wasn’t Salvatore, we’re sure he’d be bored with us already. Because of the weather, and the Burian that has […]


The Casoli Estate, a walk between history, art and Eros!

A new appointment with the emotions that only a good wine can give. Today we went to Candida, in the province of Avellino, visiting the Casoli Estates, welcomed in the beautiful eighteenth-century building of the company. A real journey into the past! Our wine routes led us today to Candida, a small village of the […]

The Ritmodivino Tours: the Cantine Astroni in Naples

The name Cantine Astroni evokes immediately the spectacular crater in the north of Naples, where for more than a hundred years the Varchetta Family cultivates wonderful vineyards. We are on the Mount Vesuvius and here the WWF established a beautiful wildlife reserve perhaps still too unknown. We went to visit it! Naples always offers wonders […]

The Ritmo DiVino Tours: the Di Marzo Cellars and Winery in Tufo, Avellino

In this second journey of Ritmo DiVino, the staff chose the Di Marzo Cellars and Winery Tufo, Avellino Ritmo DiVino begins this new year recovering something from the just-ended 2017. Last December, in fact, in addition to the visit to Tenuta Puorro Ventitré Filari, we went on a visit to Tufo, Avellino, in The Di […]


The Tours of Ritmo diVino: the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA)

RitmodiVino went on visit to the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA) This first visit of Ritmo DiVino took place at the Camaldolese Hermitage of Visciano (NA), also known as Santa Maria degli Angeli. Founded in 1607 in a rigid enclosure with a brief by Pope Innocent X, the Hermitage hosted a community of Camaldolese monks […]


A journey to Benevento to discover Bourgogne

On december 12, in the AquaPetra Resort and Spa in Benevento, degustation of wines from Bourgogne Region, France A rendez-vous you can’t lose if you are a wine passionate. On December 12, in the AquaPetra Resort in the town of Telese, Benevento, the Association of Sommeliers of the Campania Region has planned a virtual trip […]

The Ritmodivino Tours: The Casoli Estate in Candida

In the heart of the Irpinia, a few kilometres from Avellino, lies the Casoli Estate, new stage of the Ritmodivino Tours. The company, led by Antonella Michela Casoli, rises in a splendid eighteenth-century palace. With a little delay on our roadmap, we update our page of visits with the account of our trip to Candida, […]