Bambinuto Winery: a life of “greco”

Today our wine emotions led us to Santa Paolina (AV), suitable area for the production of Greco grape.

We are in the  Bambinuto Winery,  which for several years represents an excellence for the production of Greco wine.

We are greeted by the owner, Marilena Aufiero, strong and determined woman, who dedicates her soul and body to shaping this nectar!

The grapes, and even the yeasts used for sparkling wine, come from those family lands cured with minutia and with filial love!

In Marilena’s Greco there are no tricks! The only special effects that we find are those of Mother Nature, who each year gives different emotions with the same wine.

At Bambinuto you are in front of the different events of the Greco! 

We starts with the sparkling wine, we continue with the classic Greco, then the Passito, up to a grain: a Greek distillate with quince! Stages of an exciting journey to live!!!!

Greek “small”

Elegant wine from the color of the sun.
In the glass you will rejoice with scents of juicy fruit such as peach, apricot and white flowers.
In the mouth you have an explosion of acidity and flavor, expression of that land from which it takes life.
A direct Greek, sincere, without half measures, emblem of the productive philosophy of Marilena Aufiero.

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