A great success in Solofra for Indivino Contest!

In the suggestive lounge of the monumental complex of Santa Chiara in Solofra, the 2018 edition of Indivino – Incontri di vino nella terra di Mezzo was held. Once again, Ritmodivino could not miss this event that showcases the typical white wines of the provinces of Avellino and Salerno.

In Solofra’s living room

Beautiful event, organized by the Pro Loco City of Solofra and the ONAV of Avellino and Salerno, under the banner of typical food and wine in the monumental complex of Santa Chiara.

The evening, which attracted great public from all over Campania, was characterized by the perfect combination of music, wine and culinary specialties of Campania region.

Ritmodivino was present, in particular, at the White Campania Laboratory, the largest laboratory of white vines, which was directed by the ONAV delegate Giuseppe Iannone.

Iannone made use of the expertise of Dr. Piero Mastroberardino (Terredora Di Paolo) as well as the collaboration of Ciro Macellaro, delegate of the ONAV of Salerno, plus Lidia Cennerazzo of the homonymous winery of Torrioni.

After the ritual greetings, we came to the heart, with the thanks of the prof. Mastroberardino to the ONAV for giving the opportunity to fans to approach the native vineyards of Campania in a fascinating location, in which they “can compare without prejudice”.

The wines we tasted

We started with the CODE DI VOLPE of TERREDORA DI PAOLO, a grape usually mistreated and used as a cut for other wines of greater importance, here worked in purity in order to highlight all the organoleptic characteristics of this wine. A fresh, pleasant wine with hints of peach and apricots.

Then we continue with the FALANGHINA VIGNA DELL’ASPIDE CASTEL SAN LORENZO DOC. Characterized by hints of tropical fruit, especially pineapple, it is a structured wine thanks to the very high position of the vineyards, which are subjected to an intense temperature range.

Third taste reserved to FALANGHINA SAN SALVATORE 1919. The winery of Giungano (SA) proposes this wine in its traditional characteristics: fresh and slightly acid, it was suitable for all palates.

The fourth wine surprises us with its organoleptic characteristics. It is a FALANGHINA of CELLAR BELLARIA, reality located in Montefalcione (AV) at Carrani. Thanks to its flavor and its aromas, among which prevail the hints of dried flowers, the nectar tells very well its territory of origin and is never repetitive even with the increase in temperature of the tasting room.

From the Falanghina we pass to the FIANO, tasting that of the POLITO winery in Agropoli. The proximity of the sea gives this wine an interesting iodized note that does not however prevail over the  fruity and smoky aromas of this vine. A FIANO is the DOCG RADICIRPINE DI CANONICO & SANTOLI, too. The winery is a small company in Paternopoli, which offers its product as a sixth taste. It is a wine that expresses all the characteristics of this vine: honey, hay, yellow flowers, delicately sapid and with a good freshness.

The seminar goes to the end when we taste the GRECO DI TUFO DOCG, a wine offered by COLLE SERRONE of CANTINE DI MARZO in TUFO and the SPHERA of CANTINE CENNERAZZO.

The Colle Serrone, which we of Ritmodivino have repeatedly had the opportunity to taste, also confirms its sulphurous note with acidity and marked minerality in the last harvest.

A pleasant discovery was, instead, the SPHERA, created by the Cantina di Lidia Cennerazzo, a reality born in 2013 and currently on the market with a production of 6000 bottles. The name Sphera effectively emphasizes the characteristics of this wine, a savory, fresh greek that envelops the palate without being sharp. The last wine for tasting is FIANO QUARTARA LUNAROSSA, anphorated wine obtained from overripe grapes. With a golden color and an intense aroma, it has a mint and terracotta nose.

In conclusion…

The tasting ended with a culinary gem made by the students of the Manlio Rossi Doria Hotel in Avellino, who offered a very good PASTA CHEESE GRAZIANO PACKAGE on PESCE SPADA, POMODORINI and ZUCCHINI.

Some pictures from the beautiful evening


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