Summer nights with wine glasses in the ceramics district

In the Apulia hillside in the Murge, province of Taranto, on 27/28 July there will be the event “Wine is Music”, in the beautiful scenery of the District of Ceramics of the city of Grottaglie. An entire neighborhood along the gravina of San Giorgio dedicated to the art of ancient tradition, inhabited by about 50 artisan shops.

Vino è Musica is a ten-year format of the Intersections Association.

In the two days before the opening to the public the wines of the wineries participating in the “Wine is Music” are blindly tasted in a – Blind Tasting – by 2 juries of experts in the sector to assign the – Wine and Music Award.

In the two evenings open to the public, the alleys of the Ceramics district light up and the musicians and artists prepare themselves on their seats, the visitor can choose the route on the road or wine tasting that he prefers.

An on the road route is an itinerary that winds through the streets and shops of the neighborhood and involves about fifty wineries in tasting tables. The tasting workshops are a guided wine tasting in complete tranquility, on the terraces and courtyards of the workshops realized in collaboration with AIS, ONAV, Slowine.

On the road tasting itineraries are accompanied by street food re-elaborated by renowned chefs and dishes prepared by culinary associations of the territory. While in the workshops you can taste typical regional products and slow food products.

Along the path in the Ceramics District there will be art installations, photographic exhibitions and theatrical performances and the Music played in acoustic for a union with the Wine.

For information: “Wine is Music”

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