2018 Harvest Feast in Lapio, Avellino

On October 7th, in Lapio, a small town near Avellino, the Grape Harvest Festival will take place. It will be possible to relive the ancient rite of the Harvest in the homeland of the Fiano Wine. The welcome, with a peasant snack, will be at 9:00 am in the ancient village. And, for sports enthusiasts, the alternative is a trekking route at 8:30 am from S. Antonio Square

Harvest Feast
Harvest Feast

On October 7, in Lapio, early in the morning, the Harvest Feast will be celebrated. The Harvest Festival an ancient peasant rite that, fortunately, is struggling to die and lives in the small wine-growing districts of the whole of Campania.

What better place than Lapio, a small village that is only 25 km from the city of Avellino and that already underlines in its name its link with viticulture. In fact, it is believed that the toponym Lapio, as well as the same word Fiano, originates from the Latin ‘apis’ ( bee) the term refers to the bees that, attracted by the sweetness of the grapes, have always attacked in the swarms the bunch of the Apuan vine .

And so, the country celebrates by re-evoking tradition with a day dedicated to the territory and to the products offered by the land as the terroir of Lapio is particularly fertile and set in a dominating position on the Calore River Valley. It all will start by welcoming guests with a peasant snack in the city center at 9:00 am. Many activities aim to strengthen the bond a bit ‘dormant with nature as the ecological walk that ends with the fateful cutting of grapes with musical accompaniment.

For sports lovers there will be an alternative route that includes the exciting trekking in the vineyardThe meeting is at 8.30 in Piazza Sant’Antonio (Sant’Antonio Square), a starting point to reach the vineyards of Fiano Area with autonomous means. The route is of Level E, that is of Escursionismofacile . The terrain could be slippery in some parts and in others particularly windy. Therefore, it is advisable to use trekking shoes and comfortable clothing, have water and a snack. Gearbox facilities are provided. The route is 10 Km and lasts about four hours. Reservations at 3203616149 or on Fb: Land_of_Hirpinia are welcome .

During the day you can take advantage of the tourist menu at 15 euros at partner restaurants in the area: Officina del Gusto, Templa Mentis, Fattoria Maria Petrillo, Agriturismo Anila or enjoy the excellent aperitifs at the local Aperifiano . In the afternoon, after a moment dedicated to pleasing the creativity of the little ones with the awarding of the competition “A design for … getting to know the Lapio vineyards” the most magical and convivial moment of the harvest is revived, the pressing of the feet with the sound of music and folk dances.

To complete the day a technical laboratory by Onav Avellino , National Organization of Wine Tasters , who will instruct the curious tasting of the must. At 20:00, Lapio starts the folk festival in the country with the rhythm of popular music and the presence of stands with typical products of the Lapian tradition.


Grape Harvest Festival

9.00 am Welcome with a peasant snack, Corso Umberto I°

10:00 am Ecological walk towards the vineyards (open to all, easy path)

11:00 am Grape harvest and harvest with musical accompaniment

1.00 pm Free lunch by restaurants in the country (Tourist Menu € 15.00)

3:00 pm Awarding of the 1st Competition “A design for … getting to know the Lapio vineyards”

edited by the Municipal Administration (Piazza Filangieri)

Laboratories and recreational-creative activities with organic snacks and entertainment organized by the “Piccole Pesti” association

5.00 pm Traditional pressing of grapes accompanied by dances and musical entertainment (Piazza Filangieri)

6.00 pm Tasting of Lapio grapes and of the must flower by the Onav Avellino (Courtyard of Palazzo Filangieri)

8.00 pm Party in town set up with characteristic stands of typical Lapio products

Lapio is a village with an agricultural vocation with its fields planted with vineyards and olive groves, so much so that in addition to being part of the national association City of Wine , Lapio also holds the status of City of Oil and City of Honey , thanks to the production of the Irpinia-Colline dell’Ufita extra virgin olive oil (PDO) and the varieties of millefiori and acacia honey. Furthermore, it should be recalled that Lapio is granted, according to specification, both the production of Fiano di Avellino DOCG and that of the TaurasiDOCG, two of the most prestigious DOCGs in Southern Italy.

We thank the Campania Region (Poc 2014-2020) – La Misericordia di Lapio – Pro Loco of Lapio. The companies involved: Azienda Agricola Filadoro, Colli di Lapio, Rocca del Principe Winery, Azienda Agricola Femia, Feudo Apiano, Azienda Agricola Romano and Tenuta Scuotto.

How to reach us: After having taken the Avellino Est exit, continue towards Odantina (Statale 7 Bis) – Following an interruption on the route, follow the alternative route to the Candida Exit with Chiusano-Lapio direction

For Info and Reservations: www.comune.lapio.av.it , Enrico Lepore: 3203616149 Luana Mottola:3490661438 Ciriaco Palmariello: 3777089233

For Info_Trakking: Tel 3203616149, Fb : Land_of_Hirpinia, Istagram: @landpfhirpinia

Info and Reservations_Ristoranti Agreements: Officina del Gusto tel. 3386908358, Templa Mentis tel.3404942857, Fattoria Maria Petrillo tel. 3394753881, Agriturismo Anila tel. 3936370190 Aperifiano tel.3206921024.


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