A Catalanesca Event in Somma Vesuviana, November 25 and 26

Interesting appointment on November 25 and 26 at Borgo Casamale in Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Interesting appointment in Somma Vesuviana to taste some wines.

In the heart of the historical center of the town, in fact, a degustation of some CATALANESCA IGT wines from Monte Somma will be celebrated next November 25.

The event is promoted by the associations adhering to the VILLAGGIO DELLE IDEE: Aedi del Borgo, Friends of Casamale – ARCI – Festival of Lucerne, Pro Loco Somma Vesuviana, Somma Trakking, Il Torchio, Baccalà Food Experience, Friends of Buon Vivere, Fontanachiara, Istituto Montessori, Gibotta Photographer.

The goal is to continue to enhance one of the best wines of Vesuvius, a two-day event dedicated to savoring and tasting the nectar of the Gods.

This is an innovative project. The association wants people known the cultural, economic, historical and identity aspects of this particular wine, focusing on its diffusion and production.

The typical products that will be joined by Catalanesca will represent the strong identity of the Vesuvian Territory. They will be proposed during tastings and in-depth studies by official wine industry tasters and by the Baccalà Food Experience association.

Next to the tasting, conferences on the theme “La Catalanesca and the open challenges on the value, authenticity and sustainable development of the territory” and “A network to transform and promote the products of our territory”.

The fans can choose between two tickets, one of 7 euros, with three wines for tasting, or a ticket of 10 euros, which will allow you to taste seven.

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