The Ritmodivino Tours: the Cantine Astroni in Naples

The name Cantine Astroni evokes immediately the spectacular crater in the north of Naples, where for more than a hundred years the Varchetta Family cultivates wonderful vineyards. We are on the Mount Vesuvius and here the WWF established a beautiful wildlife reserve perhaps still too unknown. We went to visit it! Naples always offers wonders […]

Cantine Astroni, the Falanghina in every version!

Happy 2018! Let’s start this new year continuing to get excited about wine! Our journey today leads us to Naples, to the Cantine Astroni of the Varchetta family. We are in the deep heart of Campi Flegrei, a volcanic crater district, a magical place, rich in history and natural beauties. It is here, precisely from […]

The Pinot Noir explained by Professor Luigi Moio

At the Aquapetra Resort in Telese Terme, near Benevento, presentation of some famous wines of Burgundy. The event was directed by Professor Luigi Moio, who explained to the participants all the peculiarities of the Pinot Noir. Evening of great value at the Aquapetra Resort in Telese Terme (BN). At the presence of Professor Luigi Moio, […]

Five Sparkling Wines to celebrate Holidays

We tried five interesting sparkling wines to drink during the upcoming Holidays. In a country where this kind of wine is still considered as a celebration beverage, here are the proposals of Everyone who puts a sparkling wine in a weekday rather than a holiday, please stand up. If you are not a professional […]

The best wine for Pizza? OttoUve of Salvatore Martusciello

Ritmodivino was at the event “Which Wine for Pizza?” and here’s what we think! The event, organized by the Italian Sommelier Association of the Vesuvius in collaboration with Aniello Falanga took place on Friday evening in the splendid setting of the Haccademia di Terzigno pizzeria, in the province of Naples. Aniello is a chef and […]

“What the best wine for pizza?”. An event for November 23

Appointment in Terzigno, Naples, on November 23 The one between pizza and wine is one of the most difficult pairings, one of those that most challenges the sommelier. The characteristics of pizza, a masterpiece of Neapolitan culinary art, are in fact extremely particular and variable depending on the condiment that enhances what is essentially a […]