“What the best wine for pizza?”. An event for November 23

Appointment in Terzigno, Naples, on November 23

The one between pizza and wine is one of the most difficult pairings, one of those that most challenges the sommelier.

The characteristics of pizza, a masterpiece of Neapolitan culinary art, are in fact extremely particular and variable depending on the condiment that enhances what is essentially a leavened dough of water and flour.

The story tells that the wine originally paired with pizza margherita was Gragnano, a light and sparkling red wine.

Beer, cheaper than wine and above all based on many typical ingredients of pizza, such as yeast and water, later supplanted the combination of this wonderful product of Neapolitan cuisine and the wine of the hills of Gragnano.

This is also because, in the seventies, a law increased the surcharges that the managers of pizzerias had to exercise on alcoholic beverages over a certain degree. The wine therefore paid for this duty, and the beer seemed to triumph in matching with the pizza.

And wine?

More recently, attempts to bring back the wine-pizza discourse in vogue have been made by various operators in the sector.

Gino Sorbillo pizzeria, in Naples, recently flown in the United States to San Francisco and Los Angeles, with some producers of Benevento, to propose to the Americans, great pizza consumers, another interesting combination. Pizza and Falanghina Wine.

The Falanghina, very little known abroad, is one of the wines of Campania, one of the most consumed here. However, it is not just the Pizzeria of Gino Sorbillo that today seeks to enhance the combination of pizza and wine from scratch.

Thursday, November 23rd, in Terzigno, there will be a pizza tasting at the local Haccademia di Via Vesuvio, 8.

The owner, Aniello Falanga, will prepare several versions of the white art: traditional Neapolitan pizza, gourmet pizza, pizza in the wheel with ancient Italian grains flour. All in collaboration with AIS Comuni Vesuviani.

In combination with Terzigno there will be wines that are closer to the pizza of Naples: Sparkling Asprinio of Aversa Priezza of Masseria Campito Gragnano Ottouve 2016 by Salvatore Martusciello Piedirosso del Vesuvio 7 Moggi 2016 Sorrentino Wines Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Vigna Lapillo 2016 Sorrentino Wines Guests will vote for the best pizza – wine pairing.


Aniello Falanga is among the leading performers of the pizza world, known for the lightness of its dough and for the careful selection of high quality products that research among small farmers and artisans of Campania Region.

He is also among the very few artisans of pizza to know how to speak with competence of ancient grains and to turn them into excellent pizzas.

In 2015 he received the recognition of the Two Spices of the guide to the Pizzeria d’Italia Gambero Rosso with his pizza Misteriosa with mortadella Bologna, ricotta Nobile, fiordilatte from Tramonti and pistachio.

Here at Haccademia on Thursday and Friday at the pizzeria Haccademia they serve pizzas in the rototo with pasta flour from traditional Italian grains.

Everyone at Falanga is very busy and nothing is left to chance.

PIECE OF HISTORY, for example, is the pizza that has traveled the world and won the 2004 World Pizza Championship trophy and the American Plate New York 2005 trophy – with tomatoes from Vesuvius, provolone del Monaco, and Tramonti fior di latte.

In addition, Aniello is the Slow Food Alliance’s pizza maker because it makes a network with small producers in the area and works according to the principles of “good, clean and fair association of snail”.

Then there is innovation at the Academy.

Frequently Aniello, together with his son Nicola, has its fun inventing new combinations of products and experimenting  techniques that can further improve the proposal and stimulate their gourmet guests with good news.

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