Original, rebellious and surly: Lady Gaga and the Arneis

It was not easy to find a piece of music that matched well with Brero delle Ginestre’s Roero Arneis DOCG Bricat, the first wine of our new column “Vini per Corrispondenza”. In the end we chose Lady Gaga, an artist who – as the etymology of Arneis wants – is original, rebellious and surly.

It is never easy to start a column in which you decide to describe and explore a new and different territorial reality from the one in which we usually move.

Today, among other things, we are confronted with a wine characteristic of a land very far from ours, so with little or no continuity with our Campania.

The Roero Arneis Bricat of Bric delle Ginestre was born, in fact, in Serralunga d’Alba, a small town of about six hundred inhabitants in the heart of the Langhe. We are therefore a thousand miles from home and the taste of Arneis – although not new to us sommeliers – is different from all our usual drinking.

This wine, born from the work of two producers of Oleggio, is characterized by a very mineral and savory taste, with pleasant floral and honey scents.

Precisely because of these distinctive features of the Arneis, after a careful choice, we focused on the voice of Lady Gaga, an artist who despite her sweetness of woman, has been able to create that character that may seem hard and surly, but that knows how to propose an artistic quality without leaving emotionality.

Specifically, the song that best suits this wine was Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), sung by Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett.

In this version we can savor the melodic voice of Lady Gaga in a ballad version, a clear, limpid and snobby voice to which the artist has accustomed us, alternating with romantic passages.

Just as wine contrasts its pleasant acidity and sapidity with those hints that turn out to be a real feast for the palate.

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