The rythm of 2019!

With the arrival of 2019, innovation and revolution will be the leitmotiv of Ritmodivino. In addition to our usual visits to the winery, we want to give you the opportunity to spend more time with us. With events, events and new columns.

New Year New Life.

2019 began only a few days ago – and for us at Ritmodivino – it is also time for budgets.

Confronting us on what we want to be, the idea of ​​a revolution has already touched us. This year, we want to give you the opportunity to spend more time with us, not limiting ourselves just to our usual visits to the cellar, but renewing the whole portal.

While leaving the same layout as you are used to, we intend to follow two parallel paths to grow again both as a magazine and as a portal.

Our contacts and followers have multiplied, so there is a strong need to broaden our horizons and start looking at the reality of national and not just regional wine.

Notwithstanding that Campania will always be the main destination of our visits, from today we will also give space to other small Italian and foreign companies, which produce successful wines despite being little known.

For this reason, we have created a new section called “Vini per Corrispondenza”. In the same, you will find the same format as always, with the musical and artistic combination, so as to allow you – while remaining at home – to know new wineries and wines.

In addition to this, we set out to let you relive the emotions that characterize our every visit, giving everyone the opportunity to taste the wines we taste – and the music we listen to – in specially organized events.

Many others will be the news that will happen in the course of this year. To discover them all, keep following us!

With the occasion, to all of you who read us every day, our best wishes for a happy and crackling 2019.

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