Apicella, genuinity and tradition!

Accompanied by a wonderful sun, Ritmodivino is visiting the magnificent town of Tramonti, staying in one of the historic cellars of the Amalfi Coast. We find ourselves, in fact, from Giuseppe and Prisco Apicella, where the wines have the taste of the time gone.

Among the areas of Campania we had not yet been in search of new emotions of wine, we only missed the Amalfi Coast. So we went to Tramonti, where the sky merges with the blue of the sea, in the frame of a luxuriant nature made of chestnut groves and vineyards that slowly descend towards the coast. We visit one of the historic cellars of this small agricultural village: Cantine Apicella.

The company

The history of Apicella begins with the founder of this Cellar, Giuseppe, father of Prisco and first, in Tramonti, to create a label to market his wine.

Apicella have been producing wine since the 30s of the twentieth century, when Giuseppe’s father planted Piedirosso and Tintore grapes instead of centuries-old chestnut trees.

The winery today, however, dates back to 1977 when the family wine was bottled for the first time. The hard efforts of the Apicella family were repaid only in 1993, when, thanks to their work, Tramonti became part of the DOC of Campania.

Today, 25 years after that recognition, Apicella is an important reality. The cellar retains the authentic rural nature of the past.

You get there after a slope that leads from the village of Capitignano directly into the open space in front of the company. Everything is as it was once: from production methods to harvesting, manual and with wicker baskets carried on the shoulder.

Turning to the vineyard you get struck by the majestic centuries-old vines, whose sparse bunches descend from the branches like sweet flowers, drawing a perfect garden that soothes the spirits. The vineyard stands on a steep slope where chestnut woods once reigned.

Every year the cuttings of the mother plant are planted in the soil, so as to always obtain the same type of grapes. Thus, the genetic integrity of the original plants is maintained, which are still visible with their now old trunks and a production of grapes that – albeit limited – is of the highest quality.

The wines

The wines produced are Tramonti (vinified in white, red and rosé versions), Piedirosso Colli di Salerno, ‘A Scippata (blend of Tintore di Tramonti and Piedirosso riserva), passito Passion and Grappa. We are dealing with wines of excellent quality that fully describe the terroir, the hard work and the “rural” simplicity of those who have seen them grow and mature.


The wine with which the history of the cellar is born. With a purple red color, it releases aromas of undergrowth, red fruits and spices. While sipping it, you are surprised by the warmth and characteristic acidity that makes it so recognizable.

The original wine from Amalfi Coast!


Per’e Palummo in purity, a delicate and tasty wine, which you fall in love with the first sip. A beautiful purplish red color with aromas of sweet and juicy fruit that, on the palate, explode in a fantasy of flavors, among which stand out above all mint, raspberry and violet.

The warm sun of the Amalfi Coast in one sip!


The wine emblem of the Apicella Winery! Directly from a distant past, 1933, the year of the first planting of these vines, ‘to Scippata (so called because it was born on the land from which the chestnut plants were “snatched”) is the expression of all colors and scents of this beautiful land.

A wine with a bright garnet red color, obtained from 80% Tintore and 20% Piedirosso, all from free-standing vineyards, is a nectar that surprises for its soft and warm taste, with firm but smooth tannins.

A wine that tightens the heart, award-winning, which makes you relive memories now dormant.


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