Horace Silver, when tradition goes over innovation

For the musical combination with Apicella wines, we chose the Horace Silver album “Song for My Father”. At a time when jazz musicians were obsessed with experimentation and innovative research, Silver breaks the mold by keeping the Hard Bop tradition of the moment. In the same way, Apicella rely on traditional viticulture, giving prestige to all the best of the coastal vines. Keeping their integrity over the years.

Horace Silver

The record was made between 1963 and 1964, in a historical period for music, where everyone tried to experiment and revolutionize the sound.

Horace Silver, far from any revolutionary idea but rather clinging to his own jazz roots, which helped to inspire and renew the music of many artists of that period, makes an album of the good old Hard Bop.

The whole album is distinguished by an excellent compositional quality, the result of the virtuoso performances of the author, and for a magnificent melodic inventiveness of the extraordinary Junior Cook and Blue Mitchell on one side and Joe Henderson and Carmell Jones on the other.

This makes it an irreplaceable work for every lover of the excellent jazz Blue Note.

The tracks

Among the songs we remember the wonderful “The Kicker”, a masterpiece played by Joe Henderson, who performs what will be the most beautiful solo in his musical career.

“Que Pasa”, a song with a Latin aftertaste and Bossa Nova, was born to break the Hard Bop accent of the whole album.

“Song for my Father”, the song that gives the name to the album, has become one of the greatest jazz standards. (he also remembers a version of Steely Dan, whose leader and founder, Donald Fagen, accompanied us in tasting the wines of Cantina Di Marzo with his Nightfly).

“Lonely Woman” is an extraordinary piece: a ballad, a memorable blues worthy of Bud Powell’s best piano lessons, a shower of delightful notes in an alternation of sighs and silences, descending chords and pauses, counterpointed by double bass and drums mentioned.

“Calcutta Cutie” is a song with magnificent doubling of time and improvised sparkles typical of the Hard Bop scene.

Definitely “Song for my Father” is an album to be owned and played repeatedly, a record of a wonderful Mainstream Jazz to which time has already made the greatest gift: immortality. The same immortality that, from father to son, Apicella propose to guarantee their wines.


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