A summer day with a prince and a knight

Nobody could imagine that, one day, a prince and a knight would meet and walk through the vineyards of an Irpinia that offers colors, scents and flavors that excite. We managed to do that walk too, with the only difference that if the prince and the knight managed to get in close each other, we enjoyed the company of the emotions that echoed in the vineyard. Two distant figures who share many things in common, capable of telling and exchanging wisdom, culture and love.

It is not the description of a painting, but it could be thanks to the wonderful landscapes we encountered. It is not the plot of a film for children, certainly to take a cue we could write this screenplay, the story of emotions and images that the mind has shown us during our visit to the Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, accompanied by melodic and sweet notes of Michel Petrucciani.

The Prince is  Michel, a small man in appearance but a person with a charisma and a moral force capable of tearing down ten titans. The Knight is the person of Milena Pepe (the title of Cavaliere belongs to his father Angelo, who was awarded the nomination of Cavaliere del Lavoro in 1998) a strong, charismatic and charming woman.

For this our new meeting with wine and music we have been wrapped up and captivated by the notes of this wonderful work by Michel Petrucciani, “Estate”.

It was not difficult to combine with the products of Milena a background that could excite us: Michel Petrucciani’s summer echoed in the air of the whole vineyard and the Tenuta Cavalier Pepe estate.

A fascinating album with a tribute to our country: the song that gives the title to the album is Estate di Bruno Martino, the only Italian song to be permanently entered in the repertoire of jazz standards, to the point of being included in one of the famous Real Books , collections of sheet music dedicated to jazz music.

The entire record was recorded in Rome and last but not least the element that makes a tribute to our land, are the names that make up the famous trio and are those of Michel Petrucciani at Piano, Aldo Romano alla Batteria and Furio Di Castri al contrabass. Two-thirds of the training are Italian and Michel’s origins are Italian (the paternal grandfather was from Portici).

Here are the many features that unite this record work to the wine products of Milena Pepe: the origins, traditions and innovations.

Milena is a woman capable of transmitting strong emotions, the story of her passion for that territory enriches you with a unique vitality that can also be felt on the palate while tasting its wines.  Michel is a man of small stature, suffering from a bone disease that prevented normal growth and free walking, but did not limit himself to giving emotions and passion for what he did.

“Summer” does not need many words. It is a disk with a precise characteristic; to excite and to reach deeply to whoever approaches; an ear not accustomed to these sounds will be cradled and transported but whoever asks for something more will be able to find it because a trio of excellence like this brings out technique, art and emotions in every note emitted.

Milena and Michel born with the same accent. In musical terminology, the accent is to highlight a sound by modifying one of its parameters, but by accent we also mean the way of pronouncing words: here is the meaning of “two figures born under the same accent”.

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